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With the purpose of bringing unique flavors to the table, we invite you to give your palate a different experience in each of our restaurants and bars that both Mondrian Mexico City Condesa

and Andaz Mexico City Condesa bring to you.

Mondrian Mexico City Condesa

Acclaimed dining and cocktail experiences abound. Four unique food and beverage outlets offer everything, from the more traditional La Terraza patio seating, to hot spots like Skybar.

Cleo Restaurante 01_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Our restaurant has a large open kitchen led by the Syrian chef Anas AlMela, where the fragrance of exotic flavors of Mediterranean kitchen lift you up for the unexpected.


It's a concept store, flower shop, coffee shop, and wine bar serving artisan pastries, coffee and healthy small plates.

Hand by hand with local artisans from our community, we will provide an immersion into the soul of the streets of Mexico City.

Sky bar N9 03_edited.jpg

It presents a nightlife with a panoramic view of the city, a seductive and spontaneous wind, cocktails at its best and elements that capture the iconic nightlife of a cosmopolitan, combining the art of music, spirits and an authentic scene.


It's where you can spend a lovely and warm afternoon 
enjoying a good drink and a snack.
A worthy moment to choose La Terraza
enjoying the taste of the Mediterranean in Mexico with small snacks of vibrant flavors and Italian appetizers in a classic cocktail list.

Andaz Mexico City Condesa

A spectacular dining room awaits you on the 17th floor of Andaz Mexico City Condesa where you will enjoy spectacular views of the city from your table. Elsewhere in the hotel, our refreshing Matcha Bar serves energizing green tea and other caffeinated beverages to stimulate the senses at any time. Finally, our Dog Bar where you can relax with a drink while your canine friend plays and socializes.


Our meeting point, the ideal space to connect and have a matcha, herbal infusions or coffee, accompanied by the best bakeries.

DERBA_LOGO_FINAL_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 12.png

Casual bar for locals and guests with a fun proposal to share a "fastfood" style menu and special options for canines.



Our boho-chic Tulum style bar located on the 17th floor offers signature cocktails and a seafood based Mexican menu inspired by the flavors of Baja California and Yucatan.

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